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SHHH maintains an extensive library on helping hard-of-hearing people. It ranges from information on hearing loss, to tips on how to get used to – or look after – your hearing aid.

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First Steps in Managing Hearing Loss

What causes hearing loss? What to do if hearing loss is suspected. What types of hearing aids are available. Where to go for help and advice.

 Ideas For Hearing Impaired People

Tips for both hearing impaired people and those speaking to them.

 How Do I Get a Hearing Aid?

No matter what your financial circumstances, the services of a qualified audiologist or audiometrist are available to have a professional hearing assessment as a vital first step. Find out if you are eligible for the Federal Government’s Hearing Services Program.

Getting the Best from Your Hearing Aid: Managing Hearing Loss

Understanding hearing loss – good listening tactics – assistive listening devices – aid maintenance. Top

Telephone Tactics for Those with a Hearing Impairment

Advice on use of the telephone by wearers and non-wearers of hearing aids. Equipment and services available and how to apply for special assistance.

Too Old to Hear? Never! A Guide for Seniors

Hearing loss need not cause isolation and frustration for you and those around you.


Causes of head noises, ways to reduce them – where to seek help.

What is a Telecoil?

Are those acquiring a hearing aid always aware of all the options open to them? What is an audio loop? What are the advantages of a hearing aid with Telecoil capacity? Back to top

Assistive Listening Devices

Extra help for those difficult listening situations – social gatherings –– in the car – lectures – listening to TV – using the telephone – audio loop. Also see Helpful Technology.

Assistive Listening Systems in Public Places

How venue managers can ensure that hearing impaired people are not discriminated against.

Audio Loop Systems in Public Places

What is an audio induction loop? How is a loop installed and operated? What will it cost? Lists commercial companies undertaking loop installation.

How to Get Hearing Help in the NSW Law Courts System

The NSW Attorney-General’s Department has put in place procedures to provide listening equipment for people using the NSW Justice system at any level. Back to top

Carer’s Guide to Managing Hearing Loss

Once the person for whom you are the Carer has admitted that they have a hearing loss, there are a number of things which you can and must do to help ensure that their hearing loss is managed appropriately, simply and effectively.

Do You Have Trouble Hearing Your TV?  Try captions!

Do loved ones complain your TV is too loud?  Do you miss the punch lines for your favourite shows?  Do you feel lost when people talk about that TV show they saw last night?  There is a simple solution to all these questions.  Captions are a free service, and they are on your TV right now!  All you have to do is turn them on.

Helpful Hints for better communication

How to speak to a hearing impaired person.

A Hearing Aid Checklist for Consumers

All those things you should consider and ask about when getting a hearing aid.

Communicating with your Hearing Impaired Patients

A guide for doctors, nurses, dentists, reception staff, therapists, podiatrists, etc.

Bluetooth-Compatible Hearing Aids

How the new Bluetooth technology can benefit hearing aid users Back to top

Health Funds Information

Information on benefits available from health funds.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Theatre and Wharf Theatre

Facilities for the hearing impaired.

Hearing Loss and Grieving

What they have in common.  A paper by hearing impaired psychologist Margaret Robertson.

The World from a Hard of Hearing Person’s Perspective

A paper by SHHH President Richard Brading giving an insider’s view.

Understanding Hearing Loss – Part 1 and Part 2

A paper by Professor William Gibson outlining what is now available and what is on the horizon for those affected by hearing loss.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

A fact sheet listing things to look for when hearing loss is suspected

Hearing and Hearing Loss – A Guide for Students

This is a special package comprising a selection of relevant Information Sheets described on this page with additional information and study guides. It can be collected from the SHHH office in Turramurra for $6 OR it can be posted within Australia on the receipt of a cheque made out to SHHH Australia for $8.  This package is not available from this web site. Back to top