Libby Harricks Award


Libby Harricks was a founding member of SHHH Australia Inc and a multi-term President. She became profoundly hearing impaired as a young adult, but persevered with her career as a pharmacist while raising two children. As a driving force behind SHHH, she helped it to become an effective volunteer organisation and was also widely known and admired as a dynamic advocate for access for hearing impaired people. She was a wonderful role model for all those who felt lost and overwhelmed by hearing impairment. She was made a member of Order of Australia in 1990 in recognition of her work for the hearing impaired.

Tragically, Libby Harricks lost her battle with cancer at the age of 52 in 1998.

SHHH Australia has established this award in memory of a friend and a woman who through determination and spirit achieved more than she ever thought possible, both for herself and for many others.

Do you know someone in the community who has been able to manage a hearing loss to achieve such personal success?

This person should be

• over 21 and living in Australia

• hearing impaired, but communicating orally

Note: This award is not limited to SHHH members.

All nominations should include the following:

1. Name, address and phone number of the person making the nomination;

2. Name of the person nominated;

3. A short description (approx 250 words) of why this person is being nominated, what problems have been faced and what they have achieved in the broadest sense of that word.

Nominations MUST be received by the Executive Officer by the end of February each year. Nominations are welcomed by mail or email to:

SHHH Board of Management
SHHH Australia Inc
1334 Pacific Hwy

The Board of SHHH Australia will consider nominations, with the winner being announced at the Annual General Meeting in March/April of each year where the Award will be presented. The recipient’s story will be published in a subsequent issue of SHHH’s newsletter, “Hearing Matters”.