About Us

  • logogifSelf Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH Australia Inc.) is a voluntary, non-profit educational organisation, dedicated to helping Australians with a hearing loss whose primary method of communication is through speech.

    It was founded in 1983 in NSW, by a hearing-impaired person named Mary Sparke, who felt strongly that hearing-impaired people needed more than lip reading and hearing aids.

    It has since grown and expanded and now gives information and advice to hearing-impaired people and their families while promoting community understanding about hearing loss.

    As the name suggests, our aim is to assist hearing-impaired people to make informed decisions about their own best alternatives for hearing management.

    Our Mission

    SHHH Australia Inc is a voluntary organisation giving services and support to hearing-impaired people throughout Australia who communicate orally.

    Our Objectives

    Hearing impairment can lead to increasing isolation and difficulties in family, social and workplace situations.  However, this is not inevitable. Hearing impaired people can help themselves and work to educate the community at large about hearing loss and how to manage it better.

    SHHH Australia Inc, as a self-help organisation for hard of hearing people, seeks:

    1. To educate hard of hearing people, their families and friends, and the community at large on the nature and complications of hearing loss and ways of coping with it.
    2. To assist hard of hearing people integrate into all aspects of society.
    3. To provide referral services for the assistance of and guidance of hard of hearing people.
    4. To publish and distribute a regular journal and other information materials to assist all those with an interest in hearing loss and to raise public awareness of hearing loss.
    5. To encourage and support groups of hard of hearing people, their relatives and friends can come together in fellowship, empathy and concern based on common experience.
    6. To represent the interests of hard of hearing people on matters pertaining to hearing and hearing impairment.
    7. To encourage scientific research into hearing loss and associated technology.
    8. To promote the welfare of hard of hearing people and, where appropriate, co-operate with other organisations.

  • Our Services

    Information pages

    SHHH produces sheets on a range of topics such as getting and using hearing aids, hearing loss in the workplace, telephone tactics, using assistive devices and managing hearing loss in the family. These pages are updated regularly.  Click here to view them.

    Publication:  Hearing Matters Journal

    We publish a quarterly journal dealing with all aspects of hearing loss  –  to inform, inspire and keep you up to date.  The journal also acts as a forum for debate on issues about hearing loss and serves as an advocate for hearing impaired people.  It goes to all SHHH members and subscribers.  To subscribe, simply complete this form and send in with your remittance.

    See under “Latest News” on this website’s home page for what’s in the current issue.

    To receive your issue of Hearing Matters online please email Pauline at shhh@netspace.net.au.  Don’t forget you need to be a member or subscriber!

    The Libby Harricks Achievement Award

    Each year SHHH presents this award to recognise excellence in overcoming hearing loss in the achievement of individual goals.  If you know of someone that you feel deserves this recognition, why not nominate them?  Click here for details.


    We promote the installation of assistive listening systems in public venues.  We can also provide information about relevant discrimination legislation and standards and can provide a consumer consultancy service.

    Community Awareness

    We have an extensive outreach program with speakers available for both community and professional groups on request.


    SHHH volunteers serve on a number of committees to represent hearing impaired people.  We aim to make government, industry and other organisations more aware of other issues concerning hearing loss.

    Hearing Aid Bank

    In 1988 SHHH, in conjunction with Macquarie University, established a Hearing Aid Bank.  Eligible needy people who are not able to receive free hearing aids from the Commonwealth Government can be fitted with recycled hearing aids. Click here for more information.

    Where to Find Us

    Information Centres

    SHHH operates a Hearing Information Centre –  at Turramurra . It provides information on services and support organisations for hearing impaired people and gives demonstrations of assistive listening devices for TV and radio, telephone equipment, alarms and other communication aids. Services are free and no appointment is necessary.

    Click here for more information

    Support Groups

    SHHH Groups give hearing impaired people and their families the opportunity to meet others in similar situations.  Group members can learn about all aspects of hearing loss in an educational and supportive environment, using assistive listening devices where appropriate.

    We have a support group in Orange in regional NSW.  Click here for further details.

    If there is no SHHH group in your area and you are interested in starting one, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

    Further Information

    For further information on any of the above services or locations, please contact the SHHH office.

  • The People Behind Us

    Board of Management

    President:  Christine Hunter

    Christine Hunter

    Christine Hunter










    Vice-President:  Jan Fleming
    Treasurer:  Jennifer Lee
    Secretary:  Pradeep Kanthan

    Office Manager: Pauline Reidy

    Committee Members

    1. Christian Carter
    2. Judy Cassell
    3. Louise Collingridge

    Professional Advisory Panel

    1. Tony Crittenden, MA, MAud (SA), Head Audiology Dept, Concord Hospital, NSW.
    2. Dr Harvey Dillon, PhD, Director, National Acoustics Laboratory.
    3. Prof William Gibson, AM, MD, FRCS, FRACS, Professor of Otolaryngology, Sydney University.
    4. Prof Philip Newall, MSc (Biomech), MSc (Aud), Assoc Professor of Audiology, Macquarie University.
    5. Dr Jenny Rosen, MA, PhD, former Head, Dept of Audiology, Hornsby & Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital, NSW.

    Our Volunteers

    Volunteers are the life blood of SHHH, carrying out most of its day-to-day activities.  Without them there would be no SHHH.

    We always need more help, so if you feel able to assist in any capacity then we would love to hear from you.

  • SHHH would like to thank and acknowledge our corporate members listed below and encourage our members to support them:

    Audiology Society of Australia
    The organisation and its subsidiaries are listed here under Professional Services

    Blamey & Saunders Hearing P/L            www.blameysaunders.com.au

    EARTrak                                                  www.eartrak.com

    Guide Dogs SA.NT Hearing Services      www.guidedogs.org.au

    Healthy Hearing & Balance Care             www.healthyhearing.com.au

    Hearing & Balance Centre                       www.hearingbalance.com.au

    Independent Audiologists of Australia      www.aaapp.org.au

    Ku-Ring-Gai Municipal Council                www.kmc.nsw.gov.au

    Mac Hearing P/L                                    http://www.machearing.com.au

    Macquarie Speech & Hearing Clinic        www.ling.mq.edu.au

    Media Access Australia                            auscap.com.au

    National Acoustics Laboratory                  nal.gov.au

    Phoenix Hearing Instruments                    phoenixhearing.com.au

    Phonak Hearing Systems                         phonak.com.au

    Pinnacle Hearing                                       www.pinnaclehearing.com.au

    Printacall                                                   printacall.com.au

    St George Hearing & Balance Clinic         www.ent.com.au

    Word of Mouth Technology                        wom.com.au