Hearing aid bank

What is it?

SHHH and Macquarie University have established a Hearing Aid Bank to help low income people live normal ‘hearing’ lives:

SHHH collects “unwanted” or surplus hearing aids. SHHH sends these aids to the Audiology Clinic of Macquarie University where they are checked and reprogrammed for people at a minimal cost

The beauty of the scheme is that not only does the scheme assist those people who are needy and unable to purchase new hearing aids but it also helps train new audiologists and technicians for our community.

What are the 5 steps to access services?

1. You must be approved by SHHH to be eligible to receive a HAB
hearing aid. Candidates must:

  • Hold a Government Health Care card or be a low-income earner (statement of income from employer required)
  • Provide a copy of a recent audiogram (no more than six months old)
  • Have a doctors referral letter

2. SHHH will forward your paperwork to the Macquarie University Audiology Clinic so an initial appointment can be made.

3. At the initial assessment, an audiologist will generally retest your hearing and take an impression of your ear/s to arrange an ear mould. The audiologist will provide the best hearing aid available in the HAB that is suited to your hearing and will fit this at your next appointment.

4. At the fitting appointment the audiologist will fit the hearing aid to your individual hearing loss. They will go through the management/upkeep of the hearing aid with you and discuss expectations and listening tactics.

5. Follow up appointments will be arranged by your audiologist as required.

Am I eligible for the scheme?

  • Eligibility for the hearing aid bank entitles a client to a single hearing aid for a fee of $300. This fee covers the cost of the earmould. Replacement earmoulds are not included in this fee.
  • On rare occasions the audiologist may feel a second hearing aid is necessary and this can be arranged for an additional fee of $100.
  • After the fitting and follow up appointment, clients will be charged for appointments and repairs at the normal private rate. If a hearing aid is deemed un-repairable the client must re-apply to SHHH and pay the initial $300 fee.


How do I apply?

Applications can be made to:

SHHH Head Office
Hillview Community Health Centre
1334 Pacific Hwy  Turramurra 2074 NSW

Tel: (02) 9144 7586

How can I donate hearing aids?

Give us a call or drop them into an envelope with your name and address.

Unfortunately we don’t pick up hearing aids, but they are so light that postage will be minimal. Please protect aids with solid postal wrapping

We’ll recognise your donation in our honour roll

For lawyers or Executors of a will

Hearing aids can cost $10,000 or more and they have no return value. Why not suggest that when a will is drawn up, that hearing aids (along with glasses or other quality of life aids) are donated to help others.

For Audiologists

Please send replaced hearing aids to SHHH – or suggest your client can do so. People hate seeing useful things go to waste