How we can help

It’s all in our name. We’re here to help the hard of hearing help themselves. We provide information and support freely and willingly

SHHH has information resources for all people seeking to help the hard of hearing. They include:

  • Hard of hearing sufferers
  • Families and friends
  • Audiologists
  • Hospital audio departments


Devices you can try out in our office is here.

Information Sheets

SHHH produces sheets on a range of topics such as getting and using hearing aids, hearing loss in the workplace, telephone tactics, using assistive devices and managing hearing loss in the family. These sheets are updated regularly. Click here to view our list of topics.

Ask an Audiologist

SHHH members include audiologists who have built up a lifetime of expertise in hearing matters. Our audiologists won’t give second opinions, but they will help you work your way through some issues with general advice.

Our audiologists are available either on the phone or through an online chat. To book a conversation, click here to contact us.

Online communities

TwitterFBJoin us on Facebook  or Twitter to the the latest information or for an online chat on our Forum/Facebook Group … or simply contact us  for someone to talk to about hard of hearing issues

FBShare your views and discuss mutual problems concerning hearing loss with many others from around the world through SHHH’s own Facebook Group. Join in by clicking: here.

Community Awareness

We have an extensive outreach program with speakers available for both community and professional groups. Contact us to request a speaker for your organisation


SHHH volunteers serve on a number of committees to represent hearing impaired people. We aim to make government, industry and other organisations more aware of other issues concerning hearing loss.

Publication: Hearing Matters Journal

We publish a quarterly journal dealing with all aspects of hearing loss – to inform, inspire and keep you up to date. The journal also acts as a forum for debate on issues about hearing loss and serves as an advocate for hearing impaired people. It goes to all SHHH members and subscribers. To join SHHH, simply complete this form and send in with your remittance.

See under “Latest News” on this website’s home page for what’s in the current issue.

The Libby Harricks Achievement Award

LibbyEach year SHHH presents this award to recognise excellence in overcoming hearing loss in the achievement of individual goals. If you know of someone that you feel deserves this recognition, why not nominate them? Click here for details.




We promote the installation of systems that enhance listening in public venues. We can also provide information about relevant discrimination legislation and standards and can provide a consumer consultancy service.

Hearing Aid Bank

In 1988 SHHH, in conjunction with Macquarie University, established a Hearing Aid Bank. Eligible needy people who are not able to receive free hearing aids from the Commonwealth Government can be fitted with recycled hearing aids. Click here for more information on how to donate hearings aids – and how to apply for one.