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  • Volunteering for SHHH


    In 2013, SHHH Australia Inc celebrated its 30th birthday! We have established our organisation as a self help organisation with a major role to play in developing and providing community based services to assist people with hearing impairment, their families and friends.

    Through the Information Centre located at Turramurra , SHHH volunteers make an important contribution to the overall service provision. In many instances the Information Centre is the first “port of call” as people take their first tentative steps in seeking help for their hearing loss.

    As such, Shhh volunteers have a great opportunity to help start people with those steps to self-help and self-responsibility.

    If this interests you and you think you could make a difference we would love to hear from you.

    Please contact the SHHH office and speak to Pauline to arrange a discussion.

  • VIHave you ever had difficulty hearing or understanding:
    -in meetings?
    -in places of worship?
    -in theatres or movies?
    -in restaurants?
    -with shopping transactions like at a pharmacy or bank?
    -in public places such as airports or in municipal buildings?

    In those situations, a public assistive listening device can help.

    Get the Hearing Loop

    “Get in the Hearing Loop” is a campaign to enlighten and excite hearing aid users, as well as audiologists and other professionals who dispense hearing aids, about telecoils and hearing loops and their unique benefits.

    Hearing loops transmit the audio from a PA system directly to telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants. The telecoil functions as an antenna, relaying sounds directly into the ear without background noise just like Wi-Fi connects people to the Web. (see Hearing Loss Association of America website http://www.hearingloss.org/content/get-hearing-loop)

    Identifying hard of hearing-friendly venues

    Ambient noise is a problem for people wearing particularly behind-the-ear hearing aids. Equally difficult is for hard of hearing people to follow dialogue in movies or theatres without the benefit of hearing loops, which enhance reception of sound.

    Join the SHHH campaign to identify those venues where ambient noise is reduced or hearing enhancement devices installed.

    Many venues have services available and are very helpful toward their hearing impaired patrons. Make sure that you ask the help desk or cloakroom at the venue if they have services available or you can look up the venue on google + accessibility and this should lead you to the services that that venue has.

    For example all Event Cinemas have:

    –          Closed captioning: Ask the box office and they will supply you with a personal device that has the captions on the screen.

    –          Infrared: The cinema has transmitters mounted around the cinema and this can be delivered to a receiver, such as a neck loop, either your own or one borrowed from the cinema, this will only work if you have hearing aids. If you do not have hearing aids, however, the cinema can supply you with a headset.

    –          Hearing Aid Loop: The cinema is also looped with a coil, you switch the “T” switch to on and it will pick up the sound, making it clear. The cinema advised sitting in the middle section of seats in the back for the best sound.

    The Sydney Opera House also offers hearing loops and headsets. They also have coils set up at the Box Office windows so that if you switch to the “T” setting you will be able to hear the staff clearly.

    Many places have these services but unfortunately do not advertise them properly, so make sure to ask!

    Better still, why not share with SHHH about the venues you know that have assistance for hearing impaired people? We can help people in your area enjoy life just that little bit more!

    Send us a note here.

    This campaign relies on you to drop us a line. You can post it on our forum/facebook group.

    Please note, we rely on what you tell us. SHHH does not inspect or endorse any venue.

    Report a theatre or cinema that has installed a hearing loop

    Tell us about a restaurant you have visited which makes it easier for hard of hearing people to enjoy their meal in the company of friends again on our forum/facebook group.

    Bank Survey: Hearing Loops at Customer Service counters

    Pat Fulton RN Hearing Coach, WSC Access Committee member, Deafness Forum member conducted a survey with some support from SHHH. A report will be forthcoming on the findings. In the meanwhile do share your experiences at banks. This letter explains some aspects.

    Hearing Health and Well Being – Call to Action